Friday, February 10, 2012

41:365 these muuuufkrs are HOT!!

41:365 these muuuufkrs are HOT!!!

i was making a pineapple basil shrimp dish today that called for a thai chili. i bought a whole package of these tiny little chilis (like 50 of them) at the asian market for a buck. while the recipe calls for ONE SINGLE thai chili, i thought "wtf? that's not enough," and put four of them in the dish. after having scraped the seeds out of each chili i must have touched my nose at some point because a minute later my nose felt like it was on fire!! it goes without saying that even without any seeds the dish was ridiculously spicy. 

edit: it's been over an hour now and the tips of my fingers feel sunburnt!! 

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