Tuesday, February 14, 2012

44:365 here he comes to save the daaaaaaayy!!

44:365 here he comes to save the daaaaaayy!!

sometimes (errrr many times) i'm an idiot. generally i'm pretty responsible but when it comes to headlights, i'm scatterbrained. the law says that if there's any moisture falling from the sky, you're supposed to turn your headlights on (yep, in those words exactly). i abide but if it's not dark out and there's nothing signifying that my lights are on, i completely forget about them and my battery drains. this happens fairly regularly and in recent times i've done it twice within the three months. thank god my dad is awesome and always comes to save the day! he never hesitates to drop whatever it is he's doing to come help me in my stupidity. in exchange for his help, he gets to laugh at me. this day he came and jumped my car and left too quickly for me to get a pic. so this is him leaving. 

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  1. i could have went and helped you jump you car!