Friday, February 17, 2012

i love going to work because of these people

happy hour!

Lorraine, Ruby, Linsday, me, Alisa

Edgar, Nick and Tan

Natasha loves karaoke

so, so very much.

once upon a time some of us were sitting in the break room at work and somewhere the conversation switched over to appropriate clothing for people. i noted that guys shouldn't wear khakis unless they're about to hop on a yacht or play golf. especially khakis with pleats. c'mon guys, let's be real. pleats are only okay if the principal enforces it as part of your middle school uniform. just as we finished our thoughts, our eavesdropping supervisor stumbled in with khakis on and exclaimed "what's wrong with khakis? khakis are okay!!" haha!! so, a little tipsy, i had to send him a photo as an example of khakis being okay for women. they still are a no go for dudes. sorry, bro! 

Adrian!!! he finally made it out with all of us! he's notorious for getting people drunk and then leaving early. not this time, bud!

Adrian's always been like an older brother to me. to my knowledge we were sharing a locker at work, except that he never really used it. but to me it was our locker. this night Lindsay proclaimed that Adrian and her were now locker buddies. this was news to me. she stole him from me!! (i realize that to people who aren't involved in any of this it seems ridiculous to document any of this in my blog, but i don't actually care.)

the biatch. (just kidding. i heart her.)

still not drunk enough

super crew!

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