Wednesday, February 15, 2012

46:365 my friends are the best!

46:365 my friends are the best!!

just because you don't have an official valentine doesn't mean you don't have love! i know everybody thinks their friends are the best. but they're wrong. my friends are the best (just kidding. in an absolutely non-jokingly way. they truly are spectacular)! they say you only need a few friends to really be happy, but lucky for me i need more than two hands to count the number of true friends i have. 

tonight around midnight i came home after working the swing shift and found this at my door. isn't that sweet? i automatically knew it was from one of my lady friends. the second i saw the writing on the card i knew it was from Kim. she wrote me a bunch of flattering and meaningful stuff that i am happy to say i would say is the same of her. 

so sweet you are, kimmers!

at work we decided to have a little valentines bash full of diabetes inducing treats. i made a strawberry galette and chocolate covered strawberries. we had candy and cheesecake, walnut cake and apple cider. it really was too much. 

then to our surprise, Tan and Joseph got the girls roses for v-day. it was really very sweet of them.

happy valentine's day, folks!

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