Wednesday, May 30, 2012

memorial day bbq and steph visits!

a few weeks ago Nick suggested that we (our awesome coworkers) have a bbq rather than do the usually happy hour. on most weekends it'd be impossible to have everybody we wanted there off of work. see, when you work in a hospital coverage is necessary 24 hrs of the day so it's hard to have everybody off work at the same time. luckily it worked out that most people were off of work on Memorial Day, so we quickly researched parks and threw together a plan of action. 

Tony!!! one of the guys i spent two years with carpooling to x-ray school and whom i also spent with at my clinical sites. this guy is awesome and i miss his humor. but he tells me that if we worked together i would hate him. so maybe it's better you stay at the VA, Tone. haha! 

myself, Muri and Uyen

Muri is notorious for forcing alcohol upon people. all day long jameson shots were poured. amongst about ten or twelve people five bottles and a handle of jameson were killed. needless to say we were ALL pretty faded by the time the bbq was done. 

Steven, Uyen, Edgar, Jess, Natasha, Abe, Karl, Muri, myself, Tan, Tony. unfortunately i didn't get pictures of Hong with his family and Mike.

the little cute family! Alyssa taught me some Nicki Minaj dance moves. haha. she's better than i am.

cheers to these two for coming to join us after having driven home from camping just before meeting us! Jess, you're funny. don't ever kiss my forehead ever again. haha!!

Nick, myself and Tony.

Natasha, sad because she's white and wishes she was Asian like the rest of us. she's our honorary asian.

Natasha and Muri are so gay for each other. i think Natasha loves me, but lusts Muri. haha!! it's okay, at the end of the day she's going to be coming home with me....literally!! she's my future roomie! 

Ruby, Ian and Chris made it later in the day. Chris is not pictured because he's probably catching up getting hammered.

this whole bbq was his idea. i just offered myself to reserve the picnic table. so thanks, Nick, for the bbq! it was lots of fun!

as for my hair, it looks like i took a cue from Donald Trump with that combover.

at this point everybody was all sorts of drunk. and see what i mean about Natasha and Muri lusting each other? 


some time during the bbq my friend Steph said she was going to come and visit. she lives over an hour away now, so i rarely get to see her. after the bbq i rushed home to meet her and her husband, Eddie. Kris came to join because she, too, never gets to see Steph. still sort of  hella drunk from the bbq, i was a horrible host. i stayed up and talked to them for all of 45 minutes before falling asleep on the couch. whoops! good thing i know she loves me and won't hold it against me!! 

love you, Steph!!

okay for a moment i wondered why the F my hand was on Eddie's abdomen. then i noticed that it was a giant hand compared to my own. whew, so i'm going to infer that that's Eddie's own hand on his abdomen. haha.

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