Monday, May 7, 2012

127:365 The House

127:365 The House

Eva and i have had The House on our list of restaurants to dine at for a long time now. on a whim, we decided to get dinner and found ourselves there. i was impressed with the food overall, but the desserts were really mediocre. i would definitely recommend this restaurant to anybody coming to visit SF.

octopus salad with pork rinds. 

super flavorful and sorta refreshing. my only gripe is that there wasn't all that much octopus in this, but the little bits i had were marinated very well.

mushroom rice with prawns and bonito flakes

great dish! if you haven't had bonito flakes, they're fun! they are super light and airy so they move around and almost make the dish look alive. 

beef with black chanterelle mushrooms. 

SO good!! so much umami. though the meat was slightly tough, the flavors were so pleasing and savory. it doesn't look like much, but whatever they did sauce-wise was great.

coconut creme brulee with passion fruit. a decent creme brulee, though there wasn't anything really special about it. the coconut flavor didn't come through very well. 

truffle chocolate cake with coffee ice cream and coconut cream. this was more like a chunk of fudge, and i don't like fudge. we didn't really even eat this.

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