Friday, May 4, 2012

yet another happy hour with these awesome folks...

this is just going to be a photo overload, so unless you are in these photos or are taking a particular liking to someone in these photos, i would probably just skip this post. 

here, once again, are the people i spend a ton of my time coworkers  friends. as long as a couple of these people are working with me, the day goes by so very quickly. i respect these people and at the same time we talk soooo much shit about each other (to their faces, of course), it's fantastic! 

yeah, we go to bars in our scrubs...and what? 

fade to lightness....haha!!

just getting started

Lana made it out from Vallejo!

haha. i dig my face in this one. i should probably walk around like that for the majority of my being.


OG Super Crew. clearly, Tan is confused...and Lana and Edgar are being ridiculous sharing the symbol with both of their hands...

the "hello my friend" friends!!

HAHA!! Lorraine, calling Nick out for not taking a shot. so of course he took it....


my future roomie, Natasha. we are going to be hilarious roommates!

whoops, this is out of order bc we all still look sober. 

oh, damn.

taking photos while taking photos

all faded. especially Adrian. 

this sort of sums up every time we go out. just love....and a funny, angry type Lorraine. haha jk!! what is she yelling at exactly?

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