Thursday, May 10, 2012

131:365 my car is mad

131:365 my car is mad

why? because while i've enjoyed spending the last thirteen years of my life with that car, i'm ready to let it go. it's been acting up, as if it knows i'm about to leave it behind. damn, can metal have feelings? i've always said that i was going to drive that thing until it died and it's looking like that time is coming sooner rather than later.

the downhill spiral:

1. it's a 99 Honda Civic (bought in '98) with 230,000 miles. yeah, i drive lots.
2.  i fixed the radiator a few months ago yet it seems to run hot all the time now. fix it again? methinks not. 
3. the other day the air conditioning went out (and is now working intermittently). care much? not really. 
4. someone told me that my transmission sounds really bad....maybe like four times within twenty minutes. i reminded him that i'm driving it to it's death.
5. leaving work i found a flat tire. i then filled it with air and drove it around. next day, same deal. filled it with air...drove it around. this is more because i didn't have time to get it patched up than for any other real reason. it would be pretty ridiculous to go more than three days filling it up with air every morning though, dontcha think? i mean....who has that many quarters anyway? i brought it to a gas station and the guy found that screw in it and then patched it up. 

soo it looks like i'll be driving it for a bit longer. one day you'll find me on the side of the freeway waiting for a tow truck. that's the day i find a new car. 

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