Sunday, May 6, 2012

125:365 she loves me!!

125:365 she loves me!!

i worked the graveyard shift this weekend. i didn't make it in time to get coffee before my shift started and found myself insanely tired the moment i walked into the hospital doors. i posted some obnoxious post on facebook that read:

if anybody would like to swing by the local Starbucks and pick up some coffee for myself and Lindsay, it'd be much appreciated. oh, no? itskay, but you know i'd do it for you...just sayin...

i, of course, didn't actually think anybody would bring us coffee, but to my surprise Kris was willing to pick some up for us. of course she also is one of my best if anybody were going to be that thoughtful and selfless, it would be her. so at 1 am in the morning on a friday night she brought the java. thanks so much, love!!

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