Thursday, May 31, 2012

151:365 Giants vs. the who again??

151:365 Giants vs. the who again??

went to the Giants game last night. 

headed to the city solo on Caltrain. you can drink on that train so naturally i grabbed whatever i had. vodka and diet coke in an old peanut butter jar. you know me, always keepin it classy!!

had some drinks at Lucky Strike

Augs, me, Kris and Muri

Erich, Ceaze, Muri, Darrell, Karl, me, Fern and Augs

Kris had to catch up so here she is with too much jameson

ran into Martin at the game! love this fool!!

and Nina!! love her more!! haha, just kidding BD, just kidding!!

at some point i got the crazy crab sandwich, which when you've been drinking, is exceptionally good and well worth $16.

ha! Kris and i...and Darrell

then things got a little weird with me and a bobble....