Monday, May 14, 2012

this weekend....

my grandma likes pizza. unfortunately she is incapable of ordering it because she doesn't read/speak English. to get her fix, from time to time she and her friends would buy a frozen pizza and cook it on the stove top in a pan, with a little bit of water, covered. i imagine that never came out very well. so this Mother's Day, instead of going to a nice brunch or a chinese dinner, we decided to go get pizza. i'm sure she dug it. plus, there was a bucket of napkins on the table. she took plenty home. so chinese....

saturday night i went to celebrate Tracy's birthday at Tope. reggae music and fun folks. =)
happy birthday Tracy!!! and hello, Muri!

damn, Karl, that's some nostril.

we tried to limit ourselves. i failed. 

old Michael and new Michael made an appearance.

Augs, Zye, Muri, Tracy, Kris and i

my favorite!!! 

done! you know she's serious because she says it with the serious mustache. 

saturday evening we celebrated my uncles 70th birthday. 

is this not the cutest thing??

i don't think i've ever posted the food from a banquet style chinese dinner. for those who aren't chinese, if you don't want to see the heads of animals, don't go past this point. chinese dinners always include the heads. somehow i think it's because back in the day they had to prove that they were legitimately serving the animals that they claimed on their menus. plus, sort of disgustingly, chinese people love to eat parts of the heads/necks. 

jelly fish and roast pork

fried shrimp balls

soy sauce chicken

scallops and....i don't even know. there's some other sea animal on this dish that i'm not quite sure of. the fried things are fried milk (weird, yes?) that was served with condensed milk. i'm not sure how this dish was supposed to make sense.

shark fin soup. i know, i know!! poor sharks! 

abalone with mustard greens


fly lice! or fried rice. however you wanna say it....

steamed fish

longevity noodles. this dish, whether served in a soup like this or dry is always tasteless and bland.

red bean soup. a dessert.

buns filled with red bean paste. and some sponge cakey thing. 

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