Sunday, May 13, 2012

continuously eating

as we are all aware, i like to eat. like...a lot. so here's some good food i've had as of late.

-------Lolo is a restaurant i've been to a few times now. i love this place. it's a great place for a first date as the place itself is super quirky (something to talk about) and the food is interesting yet unpretentious. the menu consists of tapas, but not your typical spanish type tapas. just see for yourself....

*we started dinner at 7 and ended at like 9 so the pictures progressively get darker as the natural sunlight faded away.

brussel sprouts with hazelnuts and onions. yum!

tacos tropical. the "tortilla" is actually a very thin slice of jicama and is filled with fried shrimp and a tropical salsa. friggin great!!! 

pistachio encrusted salmon with a wasabi cream sauce. they forgot to put the extra pistachios on the plate. this dish was okay. i recall it being a lot better the other times i'd been here.

oxtail empanadas. so flavorful and moist!!

lengua (cow tongue) sliders with fried potatoes. so tender!!

------La Bodeguita del Medio is a cuban restaurant in Palo Alto that was on a list of restaurants a friend wanted to check out, and so we did. while the food was pretty good, the desserts were mediocre. 

empanadas. the exterior was a little dry but the interior had a nice flavor.

arroz con pollo. i liked the flavors in this dish a lot, however i wish the chicken was dark meat instead of white. but any time plantains are on a plate, all is good with the world. 

coconut encrusted snapper with boniato mash (a variety of sweet potato). light fry and moist fish. this dish was better than mine, i think.

flan and havanas bananas. caramelized bananas, spiced walnuts, and vanilla ice cream. 

------The Pizza Place is a place i've passed by many times and have never given it a second thought. my grandma likes pizza, so for mother's day, rather than try to find a nice overly crowded place to eat, we went to get a pie. solid pizza, but i wouldn't go out of my way to go here.

sweet potato steak fries. creamy good. and not very oily.

buffalo wings

the Demitri. pepperoni, sausage, mushroom and garlic. really good, but quite oily

for this pie i chose the ingredients. bacon, caramelized onions, goat cheese and arugula. 

------Devil's Teeth is a bakery in the outer Sunset district. good stuff. lots of people outside on a sunday.

banana cream pie. light and not overly sweet.

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