Tuesday, May 29, 2012

149:365 how to effectively reserve a picnic table

149:365 how to effectively reserve a picnic table

yesterday my coworkers friends and i had a bbq. being that it was memorial day, a popular bbqing day, i knew someone had to go to the park early to save a table with a grill. i volunteered myself because i wanted to ensure that we'd have a good place to bbq. i'd hate if we all went to the park with the intentions of having a place to hang only to park hop and try to figure it out. 

how to effectively reserve a picnic table

1. get to the park crazy early. let's say 7am
2. scope the best spot and tie down tablecloths to the tables you're reserving
(these were actually hospital sheets. don't judge me! they were free and throw-away-able!)
3. lay the comfiest, most warm sleeping bag you've got on the top of a picnic table along with a pillow
4. make sure you've got your sweatshirt on. oh, and get out your Northface jacket while you're at it. yeah, the one with two layers.
5. hop into said warm comfy sleeping bag 
6. cover yourself fully and zip sleeping bag all the way up. also, tuck the top part under your pillow so no wind/cold air can creep in. the wind tickles and it's not that fun.
7. sleep for as long as you can or until you realize there are people around who probably think you're homeless or a creepster. this is likely going to be around 9am.
8. hang out until some of your party comes to keep you company

big thanks to Darrick for coming to keep me company at 9am when you weren't even staying for the bbq. but no thanks for freaking me out by saying my name all quietly while i was in my cave. haha jk!

i wondered if anybody realized there was a human being in the sleeping bag on a picnic table. then Darrick told me that he saw someone take a pic of me, so i guess so. maybe i'll end up on the internet somewhere.

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