Friday, May 18, 2012

138:365 cookie night!!

138:365 cookie night!!

my coworkers friends and i decided to have a girls night. while just hanging out would have been good times, somehow it turned into a cookie exchange. each girl brought cookies to share with the other girls. everything tasted worthy of an artery or two clogging the best way possible of course! i love girls nights, and i love cookies!

Natasha brought peanut butter cup peanut butter cookies. so damn good!! she could probably seduce someone with those cookies, they were so rich and decadent! she also made triple chocolate cookies that i didn't actually get a chance to try. 

Lindsay brought vanilla scones which are not cookies. funny, because "cookie night" was all her idea yet she's the only person who didn't bring a cookie. typically i don't care for scones as they're generally brick-like and tasteless. but Lindsay, being the second Martha Stewart, actually made a pretty moist, not dense, super tasty scone. if all scones tasted that good i'd be more inclined to pick them up with my coffee more often. 

Muri made coconut shortbread cookies and banana oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. having never baked cookies from scratch ever in her life, she did a really good job! i especially liked the banana cookies. it was like banana bread and a chocolate chip cookie all in one.

My contribution was the passion fruit french macaroons which turned out to be really good, if i do say so myself. light and airy just like they should be.

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