Sunday, April 15, 2012

105:365 dog stalking

105:365 dog stalking

yesterday i 5th wheeled it with Eva, Jared, Libby and Jeff. we had lunch at the Ferry Building Farmers Market and then went to Duboce Park for Dogfest. none of us have dogs so naturally we felt inclined to stalk other people's dogs. it's important for me to get my dog fix every so often. my most favorite dog from the festival was this Malamute, Lazarro. isn't he beautiful? 

us, all excited to pet some pups. i'm not exaggerating. 

this is a Norwich Terrier. they're like little bears  giant hamsters.

this is Tuki. he's not that's photogenic but he's super cute in real life. 

Lazarro! Libby has a tendency to get a little too stalkerish with other people's dogs so we made sure that if she reached the threshold for creepy, we'd let her know. after spending ten minutes petting and taking pictures with Lazarro, she asked if she could hug their dog. threshold reached. we stopped her before she was about to steal him.

my new best friend!

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