Sunday, April 1, 2012

90:365 you know it's serious when a stylus gets involved

90:365 you know it's serious when a stylus gets involved

just a day ago i finally downloaded the Draw Something app that everybody has been hyped up on for the past couple of months. i couldn't understand what could be so amusing about it until i finally tried it out myself. it's only been a day but i'm sort of addicted. sometimes the stuff people draw makes me forreal. and then i wonder if i've disconnected from the world for too long just drawing back and forth with people. 

anyway, Nick, a coworker of mine gave me his stylus to draw with. you know it's serious when you've got a stylus for the sole purpose of drawing things better for a game. but y'know what? it's better i have it. the other day my boss said "ooh i want to see Regina's drawings because her fingers are like Vienna Sausages so they can't be that accurate." i couldn't be sure of what he meant exactly. then i checked my hands. and well, it turns out that it was a factual statement. my fingers are indeed short and stubby. so it's pretty necessary to have a stylus, amiright?  or amiright? 

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