Monday, April 30, 2012

getting dorky while rock climbing

Trina, Kris, Kim, myself, Meiche

we all haven't been rock climbing for years. i can say for myself that i've only went one other time in my life and while i remember it being fun, i wasn't sure i wanted to spend my whole afternoon climbing up walls. but once we got to climbing, it was so much fun!! but it wasn't just the act of rock climbing. while i'm a very what-you-see-is-what-you-get type person, i am my goofiest around these girls because i've known them forever and they are my rock. we got really dorky while we were rock climbing. laughing and yelling! checking out each other's butts, all good stuff. lol!

my belayer stance. haha jk. oh, and nobody gave me the memo that we were supposed to wear longer pants. i had just went for a run prior to this so i came as is. let's just say harnesses and shorts don't really work well together. 

for some reason going into this i was afraid i would forget to how tie knots after the lesson, make a mistake, and watch a friend plummet to a life with a broken leg due to my stupidity, but then again, i would never let that happen.

Meiche, doing the damn thing!

when i got to the top, i wanted to ring the bell, but there wasn't one. so the girls yelled out "ding ding ding!!!." satisfied with their fake bell, i descended. 

so at this point we were all pretty beat after having spent two hours climbing, but Meiche wanted to try a 5.10. climb because whenever she does anything she does it hard. there was an easier climb next to her (a 5.6 or so) and i climbed up at the same time. we had an ulterior motive of course. a high-five photo op!
while i was climbing, i found a good place where i felt stable and could stop. i told kris to throw my camera up at me (because it's suuuuch a crap camera that if it fell and broke, i wouldn't really care much) so i could take pics of Meiche climbing from above.

then i proceeded to be silly while Meiche worked her nice ass off to get up that path. wait, forget the scratch...she does have a nice ass!

oh, just chillin and hanging on to the wall.

this was the shot we were going for....

but this was the winner! we are SUCH geeks sometimes! haha! i'm sure the other climbers thought we were idiots. i think we're fun!

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