Monday, April 23, 2012

never a fan of the asshole (and no, not in the dirty way)

but also, yes. i'm not a fan of the asshole in the dirty way either. haha!! and i bet most women are right there with me.

they always say that the guys that seem to have the most success in picking up women generally have asshole tendencies. and while i think it's true that many women like the bad boy, who also is sort of a dick, i personally have never been a fan of the asshole. maybe my first ex-boyfriend could be considered a bit of an asshole, but that was before i ever really dated at all or knew what an asshole in a relationship could be. anybody else that i've even remotely been attracted to has never had asshole tendencies. even if a celebrity is hot, if they are a cocky sonofabitch, they automatically decline in attractiveness. an asshole is an asshole, and nothing more. i just can't wrap my mind around why anybody would ever want to date someone who isn't nice.

they say that nice guys finish last. that, too, isn't true. nice guys who are doormats finish last. conversely, nice guys who are also confident always finish first. if you're nice but you don't go for what you want with confidence, then maybe you go unnoticed. but trust me, if you're a nice guy, have your own opinions and don't let others walk all over you, then you will more than likely win. someone out there will take notice and hopefully they are equally as awesome as you are.

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