Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Beast and The Hare

sometimes i wonder how it's possible that i'm not a monster of a human being with as much food as i eat. last night i went to dinner with Darrick, and ate just as much as he did. we went to Beast and The Hare. they're clearly known for meat/game, and particularly their charcuterie. we ordered way too much food, as always, and polished it off nonetheless. 

**if you're vegetarian, i wouldn't look any further. this is all meat, and i wouldn't want to be the cause of somebody's disgust. 

Darrick and i, full after feasting on beast! looking all sorts of uncomfortably stuffed...

smoked duck breast, coppa and lardo

this was crazy good.

bone marrow. best dish of the night. holy hell this was good. rich. fatty. the breadcrumbs added a nice textural element.

porchetta with eggs and fries. i'm gonna assume they were going for a ham and eggs type dish. good stuff but there was no skin, so that was sort of a disappointment. 

burger with bacon, cheese and grilled onions. this probably ranks in top four burgers in life. 

oh man. that was too much food. but all of it was delicious. before we even ordered, our server said "this is your first time? well it won't be your last. i promise." and she was right. i'm definitely coming back. if for nothing else, then for that bone marrow.

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