Sunday, April 1, 2012

87:365 how does your garden grow

87:365 how does your garden grow

well my garden grows like a jungle might. thick and luscious, except luscious full of weeds in my case. i have never given any thought to plants or backyards in my life. up until now (and continuing on) wherever i've lived, i've always let the backyard become a forest of weeds and whenever it got out of hand i'd get them pulled. 

when i came back from my vacation i peered out of my kitchen window and found something different about my backyard. it seemed....less intense. my wonderful roommate took the time to pull out all of the crazy weeds while i was away! isn't that nice of him? now i know this picture doesn't look like much, and some of you might shrug your shoulders and think "uhhh those still look like weeds to me," but i promise you it was much much worse than this. this, at least, is presentable!

thanks, Fern!

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