Tuesday, April 3, 2012

pineapple mint popsicles

Lindsay got me a popsicle mold for a housewarming gift. the moment i opened it i immediately thought up some popsicle recipes and couldn't wait to make some. because Lindsay got it for me, i knew i had to share the first batch with her so i made the mix and brought it to work to freeze. i decided on pineapple mint because it sounded refreshing and delicious.

pineapple mint popsicles

- 2 1/2 c fresh pineapple, roughly cubed
- 1 c greek yogurt (i used Fage because to me, it's the best)
- about 10 fresh mint leaves
- 3 tbs sugar

1. place pineapple in blender and blend until nearly smooth
2. add greek yogurt, mint leaves and sugar. blend (i put it on the "liquify" setting) until smooth.
3. pour into popsicle molds and freeze for at least two hours

i thought that they came out pretty well. super refreshing and not too sweet.

thanks, Lindsay!!


  1. Your welcome Regina!!!! However, I have a confession.... I am allergic to fresh mint. I was hoping it was basil, but when Tan confirmed to me that it was mint I had to leave my popsicle in the freezer :(. Fresh mint is what caused me to miss the last happy hour due to tummy troubles.

    1. oh no!!!!! that's too bad! i guess i'll have to make another batch of popsicles then. maybe a peach somethingerother when the season changes!