Monday, April 30, 2012

i had THE most satisfying weekend

someone once asked me what my perfect day would look like. i said something along the lines of "hang out with friends and/or family while eating something delicious and laughing a lot. oh, and it would be sunny." then he asked me how i thought i would feel after my perfect day and my response to that was "accomplished." that seems like sort of an odd answer, right? i think a lot of people would reply with something more similar to "it was fun," or "happy." for me, i want to feel like i succeeded in something. and accomplishment doesn't have to mean anything other than fulfillment. full of life, full of experience, full of laughter.

this weekend was pretty damn glorious! it was two perfect days lined up to form the most spectacular weekend. so many activities were partaken (wasn't sure that was actually a word. turns out 'tis.) in with various people i love and care about. i'm just going to take a moment and document this because weekends like this really are rare.

saturday began with the sun shining through my window, waking me up naturally and void of an irritating alarm clock. on sunny days i like to seize the opportunity to run outdoors, so i went to a trail that i love and ran a few miles.

immediately following, i met up with some of my favorite friends (Kris, Kim, Trina and Meiche), whom i've known since elementary school, middle school or high school. all of these women are integral pieces of my life and have helped shape me to be who i am today. we had planned to engage in more fitness activities together lately. the activity for this day was indoor rock climbing. it's something that most of us have tried before but none of us have done in years. it was challenging and a shit ton of fun. we got silly up in there, which potentially could have irritated the more serious climbers, but i don't think we really gave much of a damn, as we were having a blast! after climbing for a couple of hours we went back to Meiche's place for a bbq. always a good time.

Ciara came to meet me at the bbq and then she and i headed to San Jose for the Coldplay concert. Coldplay has never been my favorite band, but i find myself liking lots of their music. i pretty much sang along to every song they played, regardless of tone deafness. it was one of the better concerts i've been to and i've been to a lot. 

somehow i have the energy of a four year old kid and dragged Ciara with me to a new friend's birthday in SF. Caroline was celebrating at 5a5 and as a new friend, i couldn't not show up. a lot of the people that i knew there are new to my life, but they all seem to be good people. Ciara and i found ourselves in an open space where we could dance to the beat of our own drums. that's Caroline, lookin' all gorgeous on her day!....and myself and Ciara lookin' all mediocre next to her. haha.

sunday i woke up, again to the sun shining. i got a call from my mom to have dim sum with herself, my dad and my grandma. it was my grandma's 80th birthday! Ciara had spent the night at my place after having come back at 4am, so i brought her along with me to dim sum. i always like playing a part in people tasting new foods. Ciara was a good sport and tried various things that she's never had before.

then we headed to my friend Jo's house. Jo is leaving for New York for a couple of months. as a send-off she had a "bread and cheese on the roof top" day. bread? cheese? sun shininess? i'm all for it. sometimes people think that Jo and i look alike. i mean...we both have short legs and long torsos, sooo...there's that. and i guess people think that both of us are half white...sooo there's also that. and we're both pretty awesome...sooo...

dinner time came and i went to spend it feasting with my family for my grandma's birthday. we had simple chinese, just as she requested. she was happy that we all came to celebrate her. pictures were taken. laughter exchanged. to this day and probably for the rest of my life, my grandma's laughter will be the greatest sound i know.

this weekend was a whirlwind of nonstop fun. forever friends. brand spankin new friends. the core of my life (the family). the energy of an arena. deliciousness. hilariousness. silliness. footwork. endless smiles and sunshine! i couldn't have asked for a more fulfilling weekend.


  1. That's one busy/awesome weekend! Those are the best.

  2. It was an awesome weekend, mi amiga! Love you.