Sunday, April 29, 2012

120:365 poh-poh's bday

120:365 poh-poh's bday

this is my poh-poh. you've met her before. remember? today is her b-day. we went to a simple chinese restaurant because she's super old school and won't allow us to spend too much money on a dinner for her. because it's her 80th birthday today, we originally were going to set up a 10 table dinner for her and her friends. but my grandma is so friggin great and has so many friends, she couldn't stop at just 10 tables so she decided to scratch the whole plan and just have a small dinner with her immediate family.

my god, this isn't even all of the food we had.

happy 80th!

why my dad and my brother refuse to smile in pictures, i'll never know.

with her daughters. my mom on the right, my aunt on the left.

with her grandchildren, minus Tina (we miss you, Teen!!) 

everybody with their girlfriends. i'm 7th wheelin' it with grandma. 

my grandma's cheeks are always rosy. Eva (my cousin, unrelated to poh-poh) says it's cute. my grandma says it's just because her cheeks are always cold. haha!!

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