Sunday, April 29, 2012


i've wanted to see Coldplay in concert for a really long time now. when the opportunity arose, i bought two tickets with nobody in mind to go with. i just knew i wanted to go and that it would be ridiculous to go by myself. as i asked around to see if anybody really liked the band, i was met with a lot of "yeah, they're cool," but never a "hells yeah i do!" then finally i found Ciara. she said she loved Coldplay and the decision was made. plus, she's fun.

myself and miss CiCi

they gave us these bracelets as we walked through the door. initially i thought "this thing is ugly. why would i ever wear this? where's the trash can?" but then i realized that it was a device of some sort and probably had a purpose.

then as soon as Coldplay began to play the bracelet lit up, along with everybody else's in the audience. it was pretty awesome, i've gotta say. the whole crowd's bracelets blinked in unison or varied based on what effect they were going for. 

it's like christmas!

i had purchased my tickets fairly late after the date they went on sale, so we ended up with crappy side stage seats in the nose bleed level. but i've been to so, so, SO many concerts in my life where i've been on the floor or right up against stage and i'm over it. nowadays i just want to feel the vibe of the venue and listen to the bands play live. i need not be right up front anymore.

this was truly one of the best concerts i've ever been to. Chris Martin's voice is perfect. he pretty much sounds exactly like the digital tracks do. and he is so lively when he's on stage. you really feel his passion for the music and that's what makes the concert. while the sea of blinking lights was cool, it's never about the glitter and the dazzle. what's most important is that the band convinces us that what they're singing about is true to them. Coldplay convinces. my favorite was probably when they played "Fix You."

man, that was an effing great concert!!

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