Wednesday, April 4, 2012


it really is a tragedy that the Motion Picture Association gave Bully an R rating, making the audience they were trying to reach unattainable. the youth, who were truly meant to see this movie, can't because of a stupid rating system. true, it deals with suicide and harsh realities but bullying is an epidemic spread wide across the world and should be addressed. if only kids could see what harm their words and actions can do to a person, maybe it would stop. maybe they would see the movie and figure out that their words and actions could also help their peers.

in an attempt to get the movie out to the public the people behind Bully are sending it out unrated. because of the lack of rating most theaters (large or small) consider it worse than an R rating and still will not show it at all. lucky (though i wish more theaters would suck it up and show it) for us we've always got Berkeley. one theater (to my knowledge via some research) in Berkeley is going to show the film on April 13th at 2:20am and 4:50am. while i'm happy it'll reach some, it's really too bad that they're showing it at ungodly hours because more than likely only adults like myself will see it. the kids who should be watching it still won't be reached. hopefully somewhere down the line the big shot movie people or the Bully people can figure something out. i hope to see showings at a decent hour and i hope to see parents bringing their kids to see it, even if it ends up being R rated. it's such an important message, so please support the cause. visit

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