Sunday, April 1, 2012

89:365 moms and pops

89:365 moms and pops

aaaww my mom and pop on their "wedding day!" i quotation marked that because truth be told, this is not their wedding day. according to other photos, on their actual wedding day my mom wore a green dress. and they were at city hall. so i'm not sure when they took this picture or who's dress it is she's wearing but this sparks some questions in my head now that i think about it. let's do a little deciphering.

 1. they got married at city hall with a couple of friends to witness. and in a green dress, mind you.
2. to celebrate the marriage they had a banquet for friends and family on a different day. she would not have worn a whole wedding dress for that. no way.
3. because they never had a cake to cut into, they had an anniversary party thrown by my mom's coworkers in which a cake was present. as were my brother and i, sooo i guess that was years after the marriage. 

umm i guess i'm no Sherlock Holmes. i can't figure out when they took that photo above. gonna have to get to the bottom of this.....

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