Sunday, April 15, 2012

106:365 Bully


remember when i ranted about the rating dispute for Bully? well with a minor change in the movie they gave it a PG-13 rating, allowing it to reach the intended audience. i went to go see it today and while most of the audience was comprised of adults, it should still make an impact. bullying starts with parenting. if parents don't teach their children that mean/hurtful words and actions can seriously impair the happiness of others, then how can we expect the kids to know any better? i think the people of my generation should watch this movie so that when we all become parents, we'll have knowledge of the effects of bullying so that we may do our part to raise children who will not partake in bullying. and better yet, howsabout raising children who will stand up for those being bullied? 

i cried more watching this film than i ever have during any other movie. the kids that committed suicide because they couldn't stand not feeling worthy of life was heartbreaking. to see their parents pain was unbearable. and to watch school administration say that there wasn't anything they could do made me irate. then it got me thinking about myself. i can't say that i've been the nicest person my whole life. ask Leslie. she says i was mean to her in high school even though we hung out consistently throughout all four years. in fact, i would go to her house on occasion and her mom liked me. i don't actually remember ever being mean to her. but that's the problem. sometimes kids say/do things without thinking and without considering the consequences for both parties. i may have potentially never thought the things i said to Leslie were mean, per se, but they clearly affected her enough that she felt an emotional dislike for me. even to this day, i am quite blunt and will not sugarcoat things. sometimes people think the words that spill out of my mouth are harsh yet i continue. maybe it's time to reevaluate. 

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